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Welcome to Partners In Preaching, a national ministry of consultation, training and formation for the Church's ministry of liturgical preaching.

The Vision of Partners in Preaching:
Believing that the people of God have the right to have the word of God preached to them, the vision of Partners In Preaching is that every local faith community would have competent, diverse and empowered lay and ordained voices for ritual preaching.

The Mission of Partners In Preaching:
Through education, research, and advocacy, the mission of Partners In Preaching is to prepare and support women and men, ordained and lay, for the church's ministry of ritual preaching, and to raise awareness of the role and value of lay preaching within the Christian community.

Recent and Important News on Lay Preaching
  • "Lay Preaching By Whose Authority" by Elissa Rinere, CP, from the May/June Issue of Preach magazine is available for downloading for your personal use in our Recommended Resources section. Partners is grateful to World Library Publications for making this superb article available.

    In addition to tracing the evolution of the preaching ministry through the Second Vatican Council, the author presents a powerful case for reexamination of the grounding of preaching in the grace of baptism. [download here]

  • Lay Liturgical Preaching: God's Word, Diverse Voices
    In November of 2004, the Board of Directors of Partners In Preaching commissioned a book to document the impact of lay preaching on the Church. Over the next year, Partners In Preaching raised the funding and designed the project. In 2006, four gatherings of lay preachers were held in which the lay preachers were guided in dialogue facilitated by Tim McGuire, one of our board members and a gifted facilitator. The book manuscript is now being prepared from the over eight hundred pages of transcripts of those meetings. The book manuscript will be submitted for publication in 2007.

    Contact Partners to receive advance notice of publication.

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